Back in 2011 I had a mentor that introduced me to biological computing. He was a pioneer in his time as a computer programmer. Before he passed away he advised me to dig deep into bio computing because is the future.

After he passed away I began to dig deep into bio computing and mix it with my research on optical computing and nanotechnology. Before he passed away I shared with him some of the things I have discovered alongside our research group at the University who I was apart of and who we were talking to. He dropped his jaw and his pupils got big one day when we had lunch together. That day I remember he gave me as a gift the first book written on computers in 1969. Later other books on computing which have been very helpful and information most people do not have access to in such a simplified format. Which helped me get a good foothold on biocomputing.

What I have found is that bio computing is part of our present and future. After deep study of white papers released from researchers and scientists as well as from my talks with others. Computing with molecules is going to become very popular specially because molecules are very energy efficient. The big hype right now is quantum computing which utilizes Qbits.

Major processing in my opinion will be handled best with a quantum computer rather than a bio computer. High processing calculation thru a biocomputer is far-fetched at this time. It would be best handled with conventional methods or quantum.

Yet the future for biological computing is bright. There are medical/industrial products like vaccines, insulin (diabetes treatments) are benefiting from biocomputing research. I do foresee IoT computing applications running on the biocomputing platform and a hybrid system created to work in parallel with traditional computing or Qbits. Such a system I believe is around the corner or already in existence.

With biocomputing, I strongly believe we should all put a strong emphasis in biocomputing security. If researchers can create an array or a system of biosensors that has the ability to detect or target specific types of cells that could be found in a person’s body. Imagine what biocomputing hacking can do to a target. I hope in the future we do not have to worry about having to write software to monitor intercellular activity including mutation of genes within our own bodies. Do recommend anyone intrested in biocomputing to watch the anime series Ghost in the Shell.