Life at MBI (Missionary Broadcasting, Inc) began when I was asked to accompany David Daniell to Honduras in November 2012 to do some technical work and teach the staff at the radio stations. How we met up was that a couple years before my father Felipe Pinochet got in touch with David Daniell asking for his assistance to launch the first Spanish radio program in the Gulf Coast. My father got together all the pastors of the Hispanic community in the region together and all of them collaborated and Revista Radial was born.

It was my freshman year in college and I was asked by my father to help out David Daniell one day with a technical computer problem with the cd burner. That’s how I personally met David. This is where my interest in radio broadcasting began to spark, after class or work I would come by and do some work. Revista Radial inevitably came to an end after 11 months being on the air due to lack of financial support.

So in November 2012 I embarked with David to Honduras. It was exciting because it was a while since I was on a trip overseas. Since that trip life got even more exciting because for the longest time I wanted to be involved somewhere overseas where I could make a big difference in many peoples lives where I could apply not only my technical skills. But work alongside with people who love what they do.

Francisco Pinochet Honduras 2012

The biggest perk about traveling and working overseas is that you get to experience and interact with people from different cultures and of course eating good food. There are some delicacies that are an exception, but seeking the perfect lomito is a top priority.

Helping to manage 50 radio stations in Central America is no easy feat. Its a full time job. There is so much to do and so little time in the day specially in the administrative side of things. Developing programing, troubleshooting with stations technical issues, and making plans for enhancing or launching a radio station is what we do at MBI. Radio is not our only focus. Last year through generous donations we were able to provide to two schools much needed school supplies for teachers and students.


This year we are compounding on what we did last year and are in the early stages of setting up a 1-800 number and a system to combat domestic violence against women and children. Domestic violence among women and children has gone up in an alarming rate. El Salvador has the highest rate of gender-motivated killing of women, in the world. Guatemala is third, and Honduras is close behind at sixth. In Central American countries they are plagued alarmingly high levels of child abuse, that is related to patriarchal systems that undergird gender-based violence. In Honduras, children face an especially dire situation. Recently, the number of extrajudicial killings (illegal government-sponsored executions) of minors has risen dramatically, from 447 in 2009 to 802 in 2010 and 1068 in 2011 (Source).

“Radio broadcasting is one of the greatest educational tools which has ever been placed at the disposal of civilized man. It is an instantaneous, universal means of communication. It is not a new art, but is a means of multiplying the efficiency of oral communication just as the printing press multiplied the effectiveness of the written word. In addition to that, it has certain decided advantages over the printed page which it in part supplants and in part supplements.” (Tyler, 1935. p.115).

Once we deploy the service we can easily get the message through our stations and through our partners in Central America plus South America and target specially cities and rural areas in Guatemala and Honduras to combat domestic violence to lower those numbers. To get to this stage we are are a applying for a grant and are seeking volunteers to help us out with this.

Children and Locals Drink this Water


In my last trip to Honduras this water well caught my eyes as I saw children near a school by one of our radio stations drinking from this well full of parasites. One of the teachers mentioned to me that there has been a number of cases over the years of many of the kids getting sick because of this well. There is another water source outside the school near by. I inspected it with two others from my team and it smelled like the water was coming out of a septic tank and had too much chlorine (Another project-check).