Three days ago on September 4, 2019 President Jair Bolsonaro made a direct political attack against U.N high commissioner for human rights and former president of Chile, Michelle Bachelet. On Facebook President Jair Bolsonaro wrote the following in Portuguese: Here is the original link –

Cristina Fernández de Kirchner, Michelle Bachelet, and Dilma Rousseff

Michelle Bachelet, Comissária dos Direitos Humanos da ONU, seguindo a linha do Macron em se intrometer nos assuntos internos e na soberania brasileira, investe contra o Brasil na agenda de direitos humanos (de bandidos), atacando nossos valorosos policiais civis e militares.

Diz ainda que o Brasil perde espaço democrático, mas se esquece que seu país só não é uma Cuba graças aos que tiveram a coragem de dar um basta à esquerda em 1973, entre esses comunistas o seu pai brigadeiro à epoca.

Jair Bolsonaro

Here is the English translation

Michelle Bachelet, the UN Commissioner for Human Rights, is following Macron’s line in meddling in domestic affairs and sovereignty of Brazil. She attacks Brazil with the agenda of the human rights of (bandits) who are attacking our valiant civil and military police.

He also says that Brazil loses democratic space, but she (Michelle Bachelet) forgets that her country is not Cuba thanks to those who had the courage to put a stop to the left in 1973, among these communists her brigadier father at the time.

Jair Bolsonaro

That was President Jair Bolsonaro’s official Facebook post what you just read. He also went on national television in Brazil on Thursday and said the following:

“She now, on the human rights agenda, is accusing me of not punishing police officers who are killing many people in Brazil. That’s her accusation. She is defending the human rights of bandits. She says more still. She said that Brazil is losing its democratic arena. Mrs. Michelle Bachelet, if the people led by Pinochet had not defeated the left of 1973, including your father, today Chile would look like Cuba.”

Jair Bolsonaro

Brazil foreign ministry said the following:

The foreign ministry statement suggested Bachelet should focus her attention on Venezuela’s “unprecedented humanitarian crisis” instead of making “false” comments about Brazil, a democracy where the rule of law prevails.

My Comments

“Mrs. Michelle Bachelet, if the people led by Pinochet had not defeated the left of 1973, including your father, today Chile would look like Cuba.” – Ouch!!!

In other words he counter attacked Bachelet agenda of standing up for the human rights of Brazil (bandits) who are attacking their valiant civil and military police of Brazil. As well as speaking about her father who stood alongside those (the marxists) who committed human rights violations (MIR) against Chileans before the coup. He also accused her subtlety with that same statement of being a marxist following in her father footsteps and in a way supporting the movement of Seção Brasileira da Internacional Comunista who has its roots birthed in Cuba’s training camps just as MIR of Chile.

President Jair Bolsonaro post of his official statement also was posted with the picture of former president Kirchner of Argentina, Bachelet of Chile, and Rousseff of Brazil together. In other words called her a communist and following the agenda alongside her pals too.

I got to say Bachelet must of gotten under his skin with the weight of the United Nations in order for President Bolsonaro to make such a statement. Possibly threatening him with a human rights lawsuit. Who knows.

Regardless of my political position Michelle Bachelet during the coup lost her father. At the same time went thru a traumatic experience because of the decision her father made standing side by side with former President Allende and the communist party. When they were replacing the existing police and military with the militia recruited from Popular Front’s (MIR). During this time she was young and was caught in the middle of the mess she had no control of.

President Sebastian Pinera of Chile made a public statement that day and defended Michelle Bachelet and disagreed with President Bolsonaro in bring up the painful memory of Michelle Bachelet’s father. He also expressed that such opinions should be made with respect to people during the governments of the 1970’s and 1980’s.

I share Pinera’s opinion in regard to when sharing one’s views and opinions during those times it should be done with respect. Also I find that there is nothing wrong with Michelle Bachelet standing up for the human rights and making sure that none are being violated thru the correct process.

I do hope that one day Bachelet discovers the truth and see it for what it is in that if the communist MIR party supporters of Chile would not have done the things they did before the coup. Many people in Chile would have not asked the Chilean military to intervene. It is a painful subject for both sides. Also for the victims of MIR. Yet Chile needs to move forward and stop opening that wound from the past. It will only get worse.

Here is President Jair Bolsonaro on National Television