Today the Dow Jones plummeted down from 25,479.42 points all the way down to 25,358.50 points. There was a 120.92 point drop. Then it recovered late in the afternoon and the Dow Jones closed at 25,579.39 points with a 219.16 point gain. The Dow Jones today did not just gain 99.97 points from yesterday. Money was pumped into it to keep the Dow Jones afloat. There was a loss specially in the bond market.

In the bond market today on the 30 year bond yield there was a record low crash. The 30-year U.S. Treasury yield fell to a low of 1.920%. We have to watch the treasury yield more closely because. For every recession for the past 50 years has been preceded by a yield curve inversion months before the economy contracted.

CNBC U.S 30 Year Treasury Chart – August 15, 2019

We cannot keep borrowing money and printing money then assume that everything is going to be alright without any consequences. There is only one remedy which is to cut monetary growth.

Cutting monetary growth and the correction to take place in the market will take time. There is not a quick fix to this situation. The bond yields today across other market sectors were on a downward slope. Below I posted a video from a informative video from Peter Schiff from one of his shows where he covers an update on how cryptocurrencies and much more.