When I first started as an entrepreneur in my late teenage years I began to engage in the business world thru social gatherings or at work. I realized real quick that I had to get an understanding how to detect lies and deception from individuals. Build on what I learned from Steven Pinker’s book, “The Blank Slate” from a book I chose to do a book report in high school. But the honest truth of my recent statement is that it was not till my mid twenties until I came to the full realization of this. It took time for me to realize the hard truth how dark and deceitful people can be.

I was brought up by parents who taught me the importance of once’s reputation specially in regards to relationship with people. As well as to keep away from negative and deceitful people. I figured hey just stay away from those types of people and I am safe. To be on the safe side I read books such as, The Art of Deception, The Prince, and including infamous books on generals and warriors for recreational and historical purposes. Including the writings of Marcus Aurelius.

I learned the hard way there is a difference between being book smart and street smart on detecting lies and deception. So in this blog post I am writing some helpful tips for those who struggle as I did and to become street smart in detecting lies and deception. I do want to caution you on the following knowledge. Do not utilize this knowledge to twist to do evil to one. One reaps what one sows. It will come back to you one way or another. Focus on the good and the positive. It will give you a unique advantage.

Waste no more time arguing about what a good man should be. Be one.

Marcus Aurelius

TruthTruth needs no defense it can stand on its own. Occupy the moral high ground. When you come under moral attack from a clever enemy, don’t whine or get angry–fight fire with fire. Fight with the truth. If your enemies take it to the next level. Instill doubts and insecurities in rivals, getting them to think too much about their lies. Terror can paralyze a one’s will to resist and destroy their ability to plan a strategic response. Also always speak the truth to that person who can help you, never lie to that person specially when you are being wronged by someone else.

A Lie – A lie when weaponized can easily be detected by how is said by that person and the body language. Study body language, the body never lies including facial expressions. People tend to touch their nose more when they are lying. They also become more impulsive, change of tone of their normal voice. They even exaggerate when speaking. When you are being targeted with a lie study the mind who spoke the lie. The target of your strategy to counter the lie is not the army you face, but the mind who runs it. Gather intelligence before action.

Deception – Detecting deception can come easily based on someone’s actions or it could take time to detect a deceit. Be alert and focus on the actions of that individual. Here are some tips.

  • Liars tend to answer a question with a question.
  • Liars tend to ask for a question to be repeated or clarified.
  • Liars tend to justify their actions when no justification is necessary.
  • Liars tend to feign memory loss using statements such as “I don’t remember that” and “I don’t remember.”
  • Liars tend to use passive language when describing.
  • Liars take the moral ground when it suits them to an advantage.
  • Utilize your words to get microexpressions from liars to detect deception.

Acquiring the truth thru disarmament – Whenever you are wanting to get the truth about something from an individual who wants to evade from telling you what you want to know. They give you their version and weaponize a lie and when you see their facial expression of a lie do the following. Be fast on your feet (speed is everything here). Utilize a past event with that individual who you spoke to them about a topic relating to what you are wanting to know or an action. Rephrase it to them in another way. When you do this it will create doubt in their mind where they think you did not do that task or you told them a lie about a past action. If they think this and say something to you and act surprised. It is because they are so focused on their own lie. You caught them off guard. Then you re-explain just like you did the first time and your second time. Justify it with truth, no lies. If they are upset. It is their facial expression and emotional energy that is coming out of them that they were utilizing to lie to you that is talking. You could leave them boggled and disarmed with this action.

Phone conversation – When you are asking a person about a certain topic you are trying to get the truth about. If their tone of voice goes high and acts defensively – they are lying or deceiving you. If they never return your call or stay way from you because of your question it confirms the lie and deception.