The story of the famous saints from the time period of 200 A.D – 900 A.D always have fascinated me ever since my dad mentioned them to me. Today I am writing this article to bring to light to many in my generation the importance of this time period and what these men did had a tremendous impact even culturally towards Western Civilization.

After the fall of the Roman Empire Gaul was a major central point specially the celtic region of Aremorio which is known as Armorica, Domnonée, or Brittany. Aremorio means ‘ar’ (‘at’, or ‘before’, or ‘next to’), plus ‘mor/mare’, which means ‘sea’ or ‘ocean’. In other words it means ‘next to the sea’.

From Armorica many missionaries were sent to what we know as today as Scotland, Ireland, Wales, and England. These monks founded many monasteries throughout Europe. Orders such as the Celtic monasticism (Romano-British) and the Benedictines. Here are a list of saints in the time period of 200 A.D – 900 A.D.

  • Saint Columba
  • Saint Brendan
  • Saint Brioc
  • Saint Tudwal
  • Saint Paol Aorelian
  • Saint Malo
  • Saint Patern
  • Saint Corentin
  • Saint Samson of Dol
  • Saint Winnoc
  • Saint Gildas
  • Saint Rumon
  • Saint Merryn
  • Saint Tathyw
  • Saint Edeyrn
  • Saint Abban
  • Saint Cadog the Wise
  • Saint Judicael

There are many other to add to this list. By reading their stories one will come across what really was happening during this time period and the challenges they had to face. My favorite are Brendan, Columba, Judiacael, and Malo. Regarding Malo, The Falkland Islands, Islas Malvinas, can be traced to Saint Malo, as it is derived from the French, Îles Malouines, named by Louis Antoine de Bougainville in 1764.