For the past couple of weeks now I have been pondering the following statement made by James Allen in a book he wrote that I am almost done reading called, “Man: king of mind, body, and circumstance.” This statement that I came across really hones in on battling complains and present circumstances.

He who complains of his circumstances has not yet become a man, and Necessity will continue to prick and lash him till he rises into manhood’s strength, and then she will submit to him. Circumstance is a severe taskmaster to the weak, an obedient servant to the strong. – James Allen

Ouch…. Right?

There is a great truth in this statement. Because as men we need to be problem solvers not complainers. People respect doers. Remember that our words have the power of life. (Proverbs 18:21)

As human beings we are naturally prone to complain specially when things are not going our way or wrong. Regardless, we need to be cautious and vigilant in this area especially when we complain verbally. Because it can or will affect our present state of mind. In other words it will lead us to an obscure state of mind, yet at the same time we can become prone to make mistakes.

This is why its important for one to develop a rock solid state of mind. This can be acquired by overcoming poverty, illiteracy, ignorance, hopelessness, and fear. Because we live in a world filled with outside influences which impinge upon us. We are also influenced by other people’s acts and wishes, by law and custom, by one’s duties and our responsibilities. Everything we do has some effect upon others, as do their actions upon one. This is impart due to the natural laws of creation.

You may be reading this and at this time you may be going through a rough time and things do not seem to be going right. Remember this at this moment there are many factors at play and its up to you to figure it out. Failure to figure it out will doom you into a deep drift that will be hard specially mentally to get out of. Genius is one percent inspiration and ninety-nine percent perspiration. In other words, hard work is hard work.

Greater the dream or desire. Greater the sacrifice. Good and evil also play into the factor as well.

So when it comes to battling complaints and present circumstances we need to face things and conquer specially all negativity. Seek solutions and solve things. Complaining and crying like a baby doing nothing about it will only make matters worse for you. Keep those close to you who uplift you and encourage you. People who are a burden and drag you down, remove them from your life.

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