With the rise of IoT (Internet of Things) our society is going through another technological transformation where machine-to-machine communication is inter-connecting into everything. This topic takes me back to 2007 when I really began to unravel the great works of James Martin, Vannevar Bush, Konrad Zuse, Seymour Cray (too many to name), and even looked into Project Cybersyn with the principal goal to develop the perfect harmonic AI and Sound Distribution System.

This was an exciting journey of discovery and exploration for me specially into the secret sciences. It has brought great inner growth and at the same time has aided in expanding my consciousness into a higher state of mind. Yet at the same time it has humbled me greatly.

I disclose all this because I want to issue a warning that a great chaos is coming soon unless governance is in place for the processes. In the next 5 to 10 years we are going to see many homes and devices in unison communicating to each other. Including the development of even more software’s and appliances that will be plugged in with Big Data making software smarter.

AI Governance is coming whether we like it or not. The question is will it be democratic or totalitarian?

Why The Need For AI Governance Is Coming

Cybersecurity threats and cyber criminals, this is why AI governance is coming. Also because IoT (internet of things) will seek to connect any device (animals, computers, humans, objects, machines, robots.) to the Internet or any other network without external (human or machine) intervention. The demand for security will push us towards adopting a governance policy. IoT Botnets will be the major de facto.

We need to be very careful about artificial intelligence that we do not create a monster or the monster that causes an imbalance or breaks the natural laws of creation in which the universe operates and is governed by.

I am in agreement with Bill Gates, Steven Hawkins, and Elon Musk who have recently spoken about the dangers of artificial intelligence. The biggest danger in my opinion is to play god with artificial intelligence and break natural laws of creation. This is why me or my company will not be releasing our treasure trove on our artificial intelligence research because it will allure in many the curiosity to break the natural laws in the name of science.

Protecting Our Internet Rights and Freedom

We need to be utilizing artificial intelligence and its technologies for the betterment of humanity to better manage and protect our computer systems (Kudos to Bitninja). We also need to improve our internet protocols and specially prevent and watch out for any private or public sector entity that would like to put a backdoor on encryption or put in place censorship controls that will lead towards totalitarianism.