This evening I just got done playing Age of Empires III over the internet with my one of my sisters. First game, boy we got our butts kicked. On this last game that we just got done playing we vanquished our enemies. It took teamwork.  You have to be fast in your feet and apply economic and military strategy to defeat your enemies in this game. If you have not played Age of Empires your missing out. Its fun and fighting also against the computer or your opponents over the internet could be brutal.

I came across Age of Empires back in the ancient days of dial-up internet service. Those who had a DSL connection or at T1 ooh was it brutal for those who had dial up such as me. Those who had a solid fast internet connection had an advantage and could move troops and gather resources faster than those with a slower connection.

As I look back Age of Empires was one of the video games that I grew up playing alongside Empire Earth.. Then came along Halo.

If someone from Microsoft or Ensemble studio read this please get another AOE for Macintosh.